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Nail Shapes- Apple Girl Nails

How to Find Your Perfect Nail Shape

October 9 2020
Do you ever feel like switching up your nail shape but never know what shape is going to flatter ...
Cleopatra & Red Nail Polish

The History & Evolution of Nail Polish

September 9 2020
It’s hard to think about what nail remedies were before going to the salons and getting our gel m...
Nail Trends You Will Fall For

Nail Trends You Will Fall For

August 11 2020
As the summer weather winds down and we start to approach pumpkin spice season, our vibrant summe...
Beautiful Nails Apple Girl Nails

Easy Tips & Tricks for Beautiful Hands & Nails

July 10 2020
Hi everyone & welcome to the Apple Girl Nails blog! We are so excited to get this started for...