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Do you ever feel like switching up your nail shape but never know what shape is going to flatter you? This season, our nails not only need intense care when it comes to moisturizing as the weather gets colder, but also care on how we are shaping them as well. Since quarantine, I don’t know about you, but my nails have been stronger and growing a lot more than normal now that we are doing more things from home (which our nails are thanking us for that!). 

Whether you are at the salon or giving yourself a pamper day at home, your nail shape is just as important as picking the polish color. Think of it like the base before you apply the base coat! Your nail shape has to be perfect and mastered before going towards the next step in the manicure. How do we find our perfect shape? Keep reading…

Nail Shape Guide Apple Girl Nails


Probably one of the most common nail shapes and one of the easiest shapes to maintain. The square shape is also a perfect shape for anyone who has nails on the shorter side. If you do have a longer nail shape, try something that has a little more of a tapered shape like the almond or the stiletto shape. Square shapes give off a slight edge but also remain super polished. Perfect for any woman on the go or just anyone who wants to feel a little bolder yet classic with their nail shape! 


Thanks to their beautiful elongated shape, the oval shape is ideal for both short and longer nail beds. They are not too long but also not too short, creating a feminine shape that keeps your fingers appear slimmer. Maintaining a shape like the oval makes its super fun and easy to experiment with different colors since the nail shape is simple and timeless. 


Yes, you are probably thinking the correct thing right about now. Squoval-shaped nails are a perfect combination of both the ovular shape with just a squared edge at the tip. If you are anything like myself, I can never make up my mind what type of shape I want so sometimes I result in creating the best of both worlds with this iconic shape. They are one of the most popular nail shapes because they are one of the closest shapes that matches your natural nail bed. Just when you think it doesn’t sound any better, this shape is perfect for those of us who don’t require much time and attention into filing and shaping our own nails. 


Very much similar and not to be mistaken for the oval shape, the rounded nail shape is another crowd pleaser. This shape mirrors the contour of your nail with a circular edge at the top, not only creating a sleek look but the shape forms a perfect circled arch. Rounded nails are so popular due to their elongated illusion that they give off, which makes it perfect for anyone with short or long nail beds.


Another fan-favorite these days is the almond shape. This shape has a rounded tip that also tapers towards the end giving your nails and fingers a slimmer appearance. Although this look isn’t the most ideal for shorter nails, it does make the ladies with long nails shine. In addition to that, if you ever felt like your fingers feel wide at times, or are a lady with short digits, this shape can create an appearance of slimmer hands making your fingers feel elongated as well. Talk about a whole boost of confidence in just the shape of your nails! This nail shape pairs beautifully with a neutral polish as well as fun girly designs.


Any lover of Lady Gaga knows she has the coolest and chicest nails on Earth so of course we want to introduce one of her favorite shapes. The mountain peak nail shape is similar to the stiletto as well with just a little more of a shorter and pointier approach.


Drama. Drama. Drama. That’s essentially what the tone of this nail shape includes. The stiletto shape is similar to the almond but with a much sharper point at the end with a wider base. You can do multiple variations in design with this nail shape which is why most women love to experiment with colors, shapes and even fun designs like this fun foxy print!


Calling all of my lovely ladies with narrow nail beds and a love for long nails, this shape is for you! Called both the ballerina and coffin, this nail style is named directly from its silhouette. The silhouette for both is long and narrow with a dramatic tapered in end. This drama adds a sophistication for your nails while still being able to maintain that edge when it comes to design. For anyone who has shorter and brittle nails, this is not the best shape for you. It may seem tempting with such a fun bold design, but it required a lot of keep up and is a little more maintainable for people with longer nails. That being said, plenty of attention is called at for this shape, but the look of them when paired with the right polish is simply perfection and well worth the effort.


This shape says it all in the name. Edge. If you are really into eye-catching nails and aren’t afraid to try something new and bold, these are the match for you. Rather than choosing something a little “safer” like the stiletto shape, this feature creates a 3-point tip right at the…edge. In other words, instead of just the classic straight-line formation from the base of your nail to the tip, this shape just points on each side of the nail that then form into a single point at the tip.


Next time you are doing your nails, take a look around your room as a source of inspiration for your next nail shape. Here’s an idea! What about that little tube of lipstick you have sitting on your dresser? Not only are lipstick shades a perfect way to match your lips to your nails, but the shape of the lipstick itself is the perfect shape for your nails too! Talk about the best of both beauty worlds. This style is squared with a diagonal slant that mimics the silhouette of your favorite lipstick. If you are feeling like you might want to spice up your nails this season, this is the perfect unique selection for you.


Their name says it all. This shape flares upward and out creating a duck bill type of silhouette. It’s hard to say if this a true crowd pleaser these days but, there are people who really love this shape but others who just simply do not. One of the plus sides to this shape of nail is the amount of extra space that the nail entitles for nail art. So, if you’re a nail art lover and don’t mind your shape to resemble duck feet, go for it!


If you liked the stiletto nail shape but wanted to tone it down a notch, the arrowhead nail shape is just what you need. The point on the nail is shorter and a bit softer.

If you find yourself rocking any of these neat nail shapes in our beautiful new fall collection of nail strips, feel free to tag us! Don’t forget to share your love by liking this post and check frequently each month as we post a new nail tips and tricks to keep your hands and nails looking healthy and more beautiful as ever. Thank you so much for reading! 

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