Trending Holiday Nail Colors

Trending Holiday Nail Colors

Trending Holiday Nail Colors 

Although the holidays have been quite the different turn of events this year, that doesn’t mean our nails have to have the same effect! Whether you are cozying up on the couch with the kiddos watching the classic holiday movies or venturing out to the department stores to help out Santa’s elves, we still need to make sure our nails are feeling the same holiday love we have always gave them. Aside from our beautiful nail strips including different holiday prints like snowflakes, Santa, and even classic Christmas red patterns, we have been loving this year’s hottest trends for our classic nail colors. This season we are seeing the classic holiday staples as well as some fun new holiday pop colors with our nails and we cannot wait to share them with you! 

Keep reading below to find out what the trending nail colors are for this holiday season! 

Classic Holiday Red

We had to start off this year’s trending colors with our tried and true holiday shade…the classic holiday red. What’s not to love about the bold & striking classic red shade we have been always going back to year after year? 

Metallic Silver

Now we may or may not be lucky enough this year to have our yards covered with a blanket of snow, but our nails can give us that illusion for sure! Keeping it pretty classic again with a beautiful metallic silver, that gives your nails just the right amount of shine this holiday season. Not to mention, a metallic statement nail pairs just perfect with the classic holiday red!

Festive Rose Gold

This shade is just the perfect shade if you are looking to carry on your holidays through December right into the new year! Another metallic staple of course, but this one can really be an eye catcher, even if it’s just the dog’s eyes we are catching this holiday season! Rose gold has become one of the classics throughout the past couple years and we are hoping it carries on the same tradition as our classic red and silver shades too!

Chic Black

According to Oprah magazine, you can never go wrong with a bold, dark color like black for the holiday season. Orpah’s nail tech says it looks good on any skin color and just brightens everyone complexion by having such a deep, rich color like black on our nails. Not to mention how much we can create a statement by rocking darker nails. No offense to our classic red ladies, but this color can really make all eyes turn to you!

Grinchy Green

Calling all of the ladies who aren’t in love with holiday glitter and holiday red tones. Shades of green are a trending color this season and we all know who invented this trend! Just kidding, the Grinch didn’t need nail polish with a beauty like himself, although he did give us a sense of green is the new red for this holiday season! You can never go wrong by choosing a rich emerald green to showcase your holiday spirit. Who says you only can wear red nail polish in December?

Wine, Wine, Wine

Interpret it however you would like, but this year has been all about the wine (in other ways that some). The color wine has been a holiday love for many years now and will continue to be one of the most picked nail colors for the holidays to come. A deep, rich wine color can be such a fun way to play up a red. You can even find a wine shade that has a glimpse of shimmer too. How perfect is that?

Winter Blues

There’s nothing wrong that feeling the winter blues this season, especially if your nails are doing the talking! Chic, bright navy’s have been on our radar over the years and this year we are taking a risk! There are so many different navy shades out there but choosing one with a little sparkle always screams holiday cheer to me. Now, for the ladies who aren’t loving the glitter train, have no fear. A classic, shiny navy is such a statement on its own, the glitter will be wishing they were all over you! 

Ombre Overload

If you are a glitter connoisseur and want to amp up your nails this holiday season, try ombre glitter instead of all over glitter. Not only do you have a fun take on a classic glitter look but by using ombre you can mix two of your favorite shades together creating luxurious looks that are just breath taking. For example, if you love the classic Christmas red and silver shades, why not mix the two together using an ombre effect!  

Berry Christmas and a Happy New You!

Rounding up this season’s hottest nail trends is the bold and beautiful berry shade. There is no other way to showcase your nails this season with a pop of color like a berry. Not only is it a beautiful shade, it can really carry into the new year as you round up your holiday cheer into the new year! Why not take a chance this year and end on a bold note? 

If you find yourself wanting to take a break from the holiday solids, you can find other ways to get into the holiday spirit this year with our beautiful holiday nail strips! We have anything from beautiful snowflake designs to our fun and trending ombre glitter strips! 

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