Nail Trends You Will Fall For

Nail Trends You Will Fall For

As the summer weather winds down and we start to approach pumpkin spice season, our vibrant summer nail colors are going to need a wardrobe change as we retire our bathing suits for cozy sweaters. We have all of the latest fall nail colors that are trending as well as fun Halloween prints that will make you excited for the spookiest season of all. Keep reading to see what colors are going to be a big trend as we say goodbye to our neon and summer bright colors and step into the cooler toned vibes. 

Creamy Blue

If you still can’t give up the pastels from Spring don’t worry, they can totally be a mood for fall. A gorgeous icy and creamy blue is a great way to amp up any office look when the temperature starts to drop. 

Muted Neutral

With fall approaching, we all know we are going to be breaking out our perfect fall staples like jewel toned flannels, burgundy sweaters and so many other classic fall color combinations. We need a perfect nude to complement each outfit that is both timeless and sleek. 


Soft, juicy reds are taking the chats this fall as they are a more romantic undertone and are a twist on the classic bold red. I’m not saying the hot chili reds and bold reds are not still in because they always will be, but this twist on a softer red is a new more modern approach. Plus, who wouldn’t want their nails to match one of the best Thanksgiving side dishes? 

Earthy Green

An earthy green is the perfect for a transitional color between summer and winter. The calm green creates a happy vibe for the office but also just an overall color that you won’t stop staring at your nails. An olive green is also becoming more of a neutral shade that can basically go with anything, how perfect is that? 

Midnight Blues

Whether you are feeling blue or just love darker tones, a classic midnight navy is a staple when it comes to fall nails. A midnight blue is the new statement black or bold red nail, so, don’t be afraid to give your nails a statement color! You can even jazz up this color by choosing a metallic midnight blue because metallics are ALWAYS in, especially during fall. 

An Elevated Orange

Obviously, we need a classic pumpkin shade to go with our pumpkin-spiced latte. This season, a GORDgeous muted orange that has hues of red and yellow undertones make a beautiful fall staple. This pop of color can really amp up any neutral outfit combination or you can get really spooky by having your orange pop against a statement black outfit. 

Icy Grey

A classic but yet a staple for these upcoming colder seasons. Greys can range from anywhere between a light bright grey to a darker deep grey as well. All are great options for really any season but, this fall the trendier approach is the frosty, washed-out grey. It pairs perfect with black for a bold and dramatic look or you can really amp up any cool white tones as well. Icy greys are a perfect way to transition your bright summer nails to a bright fall cooler tone. 

Aside from the beautiful solid shades, this season is all about pumpkins and of course, Halloween! Holiday seasons are the best because you can start to play around with fun ways to make your nails become conversation starters whether that be on zoom or around family. Luckily, we recently are getting in some of the cutest Halloween prints for our beautiful nails, feel free to check back on September 1st for the cutest nail strips including classic glow-in-the-dark, skull & goblin prints, moody purples & statement blacks! There are so man cute options for the spookiest season of all, and you don’t want to miss out! 

Stay tuned for more trends as the come up & don’t forget to share your love by liking this post & comment below what your favorite nail trend so far is! Missed our last post? Check it out here

*Information is gathered from sources such as Marie Claire, Harper’s Bazaar & TheTrendSpotterBlog

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